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Olivia - is in her first season of korfball!

I started with Mavs in May 2019. I had absolutely no experience of korfball and had no idea what to expect. From the word go everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I received a huge amount of encouragement and support, despite feeling like I was useless. This support is still ongoing at every korf session I go to.

I love the weekly training sessions as they are very varied and fun. There is always a different focus on specific skills and tactics, as well as fitness. Everyone has a laugh and there is always a positive atmosphere. There is also a huge number of great social activities organised by the club which are always really good fun!

If you're looking to play an interesting sport, improve your fitness, make new friends and, most importantly, enjoy yourself, then look no further than the Edinburgh Mavericks.

Becca - joined Mavericks having never heard of korfball before!

"Five months ago I had never even heard of korfball... Now I'm finding that conversations with friends/family/strangers at the bus stop (kidding - this isn't Glasgow - nae chat at Edinburgh bus stops!) frequently include the question, "Ehhh so what actually is korfball then?"

My answer is usually along the lines of, "Well, it's a bit like basketball, a bit like netball but it's actually waaaay better than either of them!"

There are plenty of much more comprehensive descriptions elsewhere on the internet (try our website for a start). But for any beginners who might be interested, here's why I am now a korfball convert!

I had been thinking about joining some kind of team sport for a while, but was quite nervous about trying something completely new. After being put in touch with Mavs through a friend, I decided to go along and give it a try. I'm now really glad I went to that first training session - it's been so much fun since then! There's a genuinely friendly and inclusive atmosphere about the club. Everyone goes out of their way to make sure you know what's going on at training (this is especially helpful if, like me, you turn up not even knowing the basic rules!). Without taking things over-seriously, training is always a really good workout and Mavs definitely like to win!! Everyone has been so encouraging and the coaches always have useful, positive, feedback to take into matches.

One of the best things about korfball tactics is the emphasis on teamwork and the whole team going out and giving it 100%...which actually applies equally well to the pub as it does on the court! Mavs are a really sociable bunch and there's always something going on to keep you busy. It's been a really nice way to meet new folk. I'd really recommend coming along to try a couple of sessions. I never felt any pressure to join up before I'd decided. If you're looking for a new sport with some great people you'd be hard pushed to find a better club than Mavs!"

Miriam - former Germany Youth International, joined Mavericks on her year studying in Edinburgh

"Coming from Germany and not having played korfball for a while, I was excited to get back on the court - especially to see the Scottish way of playing it. Although I didn't know anyone before joining the team, I quickly felt like a part of it - on and off the court. For me it was a good opportunity to get to know Scottish culture and at the same time get back to the sport I grew up playing. The team spirit is amazing, everyone supports and pushes everyone and it's great to see that this hard work pays off. That's what korfball should be like, an intense but encouraging and fun team sport! So if you're interested in trying this mysterious - sometimes with netball compared (but soo much better) - sport, come along to Mavericks!"

Harriet - joined Mavericks after a few years away from the sport

"I have been playing Korfball on and off for nine years and I have just reached my one-year anniversary as a member of Edinburgh Mavericks. I had been living away in Canada and to be honest, on my return to the UK, returning to Korfball and playing for a fun club was a priority, (I really like Korfball!). I had met some of the Mavericks years ago at tournaments and I had always thought they were a fun, friendly and hardworking club from afar. The club was pretty much the reason I chose to move to Edinburgh, big gamble…and, thankfully, my first year has been incredible in the Mavericks family! Whatever your level of experience, new, old, or returning to Korfball, the support from the coaches and teammates in developing your Korfball ability is inclusive and always positive.

I really recommend giving Korfball a try. It’s such a unique sport; the mixed sex structure, the tactics, the shooting, the teamwork. There’s a variety of ways to play Korfball for Mavericks throughout the year too; competitive indoor league games, both home and away, tournaments with fun socials in other cities, beach Korfball tournaments, and outdoor Korfball training on grass at The Meadows."

Brad - joined Mavericks after graduating from Saint Andrews University

"I joined Mavericks in September after having played korfball for two years at university. I wanted to improve as a player as much as I could this year and Mavs has been the best place to do that! The other players have a wealth of experience and always offer up loads of helpful tips and tricks. You learn so much just by playing against better players and Mavs has plenty of them!

The coaching team is great at coming up with drills that will help us in the upcoming games and I think that showed in how the teams performed this season."

Ian - Mavericks from day 1!

"So, here I am in my tenth season of playing korfball. It also happens to be the tenth season for Edinburgh Mavericks. Why, at my creaky age am I still here? Well I suppose I was a late starter at 30, when most players in Scotland start at around 18 when they come to university. I can see the standards of the best players in the club, in the league, and in the best Dutch teams, and it's clear that there's a lot more I can learn about playing the game. Last season I scored more goals than ever, probably a combination of practice, improvement and great team support, and I still intend to improve for as long as I can still get around the court reasonably quickly! In short, there are depths to this game that reveal themselves as I improve - the better I get, the more there is to learn. Quite apart from the technical side of things, korfball still excites from the point of view of pure enjoyment. From the regular high-level challenges of league matches to the all day/weekend tournaments and the associated apres-korf events, there is a lot going on, opportunities for travel that I wouldn't have otherwise, and the chance to get to know a great bunch of people, both within Mavericks and in the wider korf scene."

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