Inaugural Mavs v Mavs All Star Match

To celebrate the end of a successful season in the Scottish Korfball League for both Edinburgh Mavericks 1 and Mavericks 2, we are holding the inaugural Mavs v Mavs draft match, with players from across the club mixed into two teams to win serious bragging rights.

The match will be played before the final league games of the season for Mavericks 1 on Saturday 7th April from 9am at Oriam in Edinburgh. The game also offers the opportunity for anyone interested in learning about korfball and/or joining the Mavericks to come along and meet us. We will continue training at Oriam until mid-May and then outdoors beyond that - so plenty of korfball still to be played!

The match will also be live streamed on our Facebook page - so tune in!

The Draft

Joining The Mavericks

If you are interested in playing korfball in Scotland - whether you've heard of it before or not - come and train with the Mavericks. Your first 3 sessions are free. Still not sure? Read some quotes from players who have joined us in the last few years, and some of those who have been a Maverick for more years than they can count!

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