Round up: First matches of the season

Both Mavs 1 and Mavs 2 have been in action over the last 2 weeks.

Mavericks 2 vs Saint Andrews 1 vs Edinburgh City 1

First up for the season for Mavs was Saint Andrews 1. With a number of new players in the squad, including Becca making her korfball match debut, the first half was quite a scrappy affair as both teams fought to try and get ahead. In the second half it remained very tight, but Mavs were able to score the last 3 goals of the game to clinch it 8-6. Next up were reigning champions Edinburgh City and Mavs 2, now nicely warmed up after the first match, flew into a 2-0 lead with 2 quick goals from Max Warr. The game remained tight throughout and with City just showing their experience in the final quarter, clinching the game 12-8. 

A fantastic start for Mavs 2 with a win on the board and two great performances. Congrats to Becca on your debut!

Boys: Ian Volante, Dominic Gillespie, Hassan Ali, Max Warr, Adam Luto, Owen Shea

Girls: Becca Gillen, Kirsty Pittman, Louise Pirie, Harriet Derrick, Sarah Kelly, Natasha Wright

MVPs: Max Warr and Dominic Gillespie

Mavericks 1 vs Edinburgh University 1 vs Northern Storm

Sunday 9th October saw Mavs 1 have a road trip to Newcastle to take on Edinburgh University 1 and Northern Storm for our first matches of the season. Our first match of the day was against Ed Uni who we found to be very energetic and it took us a while to find our feet. Ed Uni gave us a very competitive match but we managed to secure a 13-9 win. Next up was home side Northern Storm. After our first match we found our flow a lot quicker but we were still pushed throughout the whole match and despite a goal fest from Storm in the last few minutes of the match we came out with an 11-7 win.

Even though we came home with two wins Mavs know we have a lot to work on throughout the season but we are ready to put in the hard work! Mavs are looking forward to a lot more highly competitive matches this season with Mavs 2 and Dundee up next.

Boys: Steve Lawrence, John Wright, Elliot Samson, Jean Fourie, Owen Shea, Adam Luto

Girls: Nicki Wray, Jen Merritt, Jena Connolly, Harriet Derrick, Sarah Kelly, Natasha Wright

MVPs: Nicki Wray (Ed Uni) and Adam Luto (Northern Storm)

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