What else do we do to keep fit?

Here at Edinburgh Mavericks we don't just play korfball, we also enjoy lots of other social activities such as quizzing, drinking and dancing. In the run up to the Europa Cup, squad members have been taking on their own individual training regimes, some have started cycling, some running and some have gone the whole hog and undertaken gruelling fitness programmes (Werner) in order to get in shape for January.

This weekend some of the squad decided to combine fun and fitness and attended a charity ceilidh, as we all know, there is nothing we Scots like more than donning a kilt and flinging each other round a dance floor. So Friday night we all piled into Max's car and headed out to the outskirts of Edinburgh where we were welcomed with open arms by the organisers (up until that point there had been more people in the band than on the dance floor). Mavericks are seasoned ceilidh veterans, we are used to the crowded, sweaty atmosphere of Teviot during the Edinburgh International Korfball Tournament every January, where bodies are pressed up against each other, the temperature is sky high and there is barely room to swing a cat around let alone a person. So when we arrived we were pleasantly surprised by the coolness of the room and the amount of space, however we were soon burning off the calories and raising the temperature with favourites such as the Dashing White Sergeant and Strip the Willow.

Max was looking resplendent in his kilt, complete with sporran and at one point in the evening I overheard some of the band commenting on how good the dancing was, I assume they were talking about us. Particular highlights were Rosie and Will charging down the middle of the crowd into the buffet table, Rosie wisely snatched up a breadstick as they danced away, Will chose less wisely and picked up an egg and salmon wrap..........(they had to sit the rest of that one out). Also, Marieke and Rosie's aggressive stripping of the willow, I thought there was going to be an accident but they managed to keep it together.

A raffle topped off the evening and the team came away with a good amount of chocolate and a particularly sought after saucepan, we were gunning for the alcohol but we came away empty handed. The final song of the evening was Auld Lang Syne and we all held hands and thought about our hopes and dreams for the New Year. I don't know about the rest of the team but I was thinking about the Europa Cup........

So all in all a successful social and basically an intensive fitness session combined........we shall be ready for Europa!!

Written by Nicki Wray

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