Why I play korfball

By my second year of university I'd exhausted most of the weird and wonderful sports clubs and societies that were on offer but had yet to find the perfect fit- snow sports was good but it didn't quite have enough of the sport aspect that I was looking for. Then I tried korfball. I picked it up reasonably well and with a good crop of keen beginners settled into the club going on socials, attending training and playing in matches and tournaments slowly developing my skills. Over the years I gained a lot from the club in terms of friends, opportunities to travel to exotic places like Nottingham and Norwich and more unusual places like Luxembourg, and always have a good excuse to escape from uni work when the study pressure was on.

After uni and whilst I was travelling I played korfball in Adelaide, Australia and met some cool people who welcomed me in to their club for the limited time I was in town. All because the little known sport has a network of enthusiastic patrons the world over, keen to welcome strangers and spread the word.

Upon return to Edinburgh I joined the Mavericks, initially to bolster numbers and help coach the fledgling team for matches against the title heavyweights of St Andrews university and Edinburgh City. We grew slowly but surely, and with the addition of some keen club members who have put in a tremendous amount of time and effort, have transformed the club into the success that it has become today. We are on the eve of competing in the world's most prestigious international club korfball tournament with a great bunch of friends who have shared injuries, weddings, highs and lows together, whilst all having great fun.

Through korfball I've been lucky to travel to places I would never have visited in normal life, represented my country and played against top level opposition, but most importantly I found a good group of people who are willing to do press ups in training when I tell them and then grab a beer and a burger afterwards.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, that's why we have a red-eyed cow for a logo - but we sure know how to have fun!

Written by John Wright